Oxygen Pools Sales FAQ

How Does Ozone Oxidize Contaminants In Water?

An Oxygen Pool automatically infuses ozone (O3 oxygen) into the water as it circulates to quickly oxidize contaminants.   Oxygen is the original oxidizer…..we simply oxidize differently, by using different forms of oxygen, which is non toxic to humans in water and to the environment. Here’s how it works:

pool water contaminate

Organic contaminants maintain their shape with a cell wall.

oxygen pools oxidation of contaminate stage 1

O3 molecules make contact with the cell wall and create a hole in the wall

oxygen pools oxidation of contaminate stage 2

The cell wall is broken down quickly by O3 molecules.

oxygen pools oxidation of contaminate stage 3

The cell loses its shape as O3 continues to create holes in the cell wall.

oxygen pools oxidation of cell stage 4

In a few seconds, the cell cannot maintain its shape and the cell dies.

Is the Installation easy?

Yes, the Oxygen Generator has the fitting for installing with flex hose or hard PVC plumbing in the box. The only additional tool is a flat head screw driver and PVC glue to attached the fittings to the manifold. Once installed, the Oxygen Generator plugs into any GFCI 110 volt outdoor outlet or 220 volt junction box.

Do I need a special pump and filter to run the system?

Any pool pump and filter from 3/4 to 1 1/2 HP or any variable speed pump will work to add ozone to the water as it passes through.

How Long should I run the system?

12 hours a day during daylight hours is recommended.  The longer that ozone is added to the water, the better it works. Continuous use produces the best results.

Does the Generator need to be plugged into a timer?

It’s preferable to use a timer with the generator, although it can stay plugged in while the pump comes on and off. If you are using a timer for the pump to come on and off, just make sure it is set to run at least 12 hours a day , during daylight hours.

Remember,  ozone is added to pool water only when the generator is on and water is running through it because the pump is on.