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The Gentle Oxygen Based Alternative to Chlorine and Salt Chlorine Pools!

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Oxygen Pools Are A Safe, Hypoallergenic And Effective
Alternative To Chlorine and Salt Chlorine Pools!

Welcome to our website where you’ll find real answers to your questions about swimming in safe, chlorine free water in your residential pool.

At Oxygen Pools, we have families just like you and our first concern is the safety of everyone who swims in a pool.  So we developed our oxygen based system to be gentle on humans but extremely aggressive against the “bad guys” that can live in water.

An Oxygen Pool is hypoallergenic, safe and affordable .  After learning how our system works, we hope you’ll join our family of poolowners who are swimming in the most amazing water you’ve ever seen!


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Eliminate Salt And Chlorine From Your Pool

Our oxygen based water treatment program is being used on thousands of pools with millions of gallons of water and are so clear and so fresh that most Oxygen Pool owners tell us their water has never looked so great….all without the odor and dangers of chlorine.
So don’t spend money to simply reduce chlorine in your pool, eliminate it!

Salt Pools Are High Chlorine Pools

Salt pools are NOT chlorine free! In fact, salt pools utilize a miniature chlorine factory that dispenses high levels of chlorine into the water constantly.  Salt pools are also extremely corrosive due to the high amount of salt that must be added to the water regularly and due to high chlorine levels in the pool.  But the most dangerous part of salt pools (or any chlorine pool) are the toxic by-products that are created whenever chlorine is used. This partial list shows the well-known by-products of chlorine pools:

high chlorine no swim


  • Chloroform
  • Haloitronicmethanes
  • Trihalomethane: a respiratory and asthmatic irritant
  • Chloramines: ammonia based irritant to skin and mucus membrane
  • Bromate and Chlorite: regulated substances in the US
  • Cyanuric Acid: used as a stabilizer linked to kidney issues
  • Numerous other toxic and unwanted byproducts

No Toxic By-Products Are Created In An Oxygen Pool

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Where Nature Meets Science

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools system

Oxygen Pools are so simple and safe and have none of the toxic by-products of chlorine disinfection! 

The only by-products of the Oxygen Pools program are oxygen (O2) and water (H2O).

Any viable water treatment program requires a residual level of oxidizer in pool water along with a regular shock treatment as part of a complete water treatment program.   Here’s how the Oxygen Pools program works to fulfill those requirements:

  1.   First, the Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator automatically oxidizes contaminants in the water as it feeds ozone into the pool water.
  2.   Then we add a weekly dose of Formula “O” non chlorine Oxidizing Shock to burn off any excess organic buildup in the water due to heavy rains, winds or  high bather loads.  Formula “O” is a blended formula that simplifies water treatment with one easy treatment rather than adding three or four different treatments to shock, clarify and prevent stains and scale on pool surface
  3.  The combination of Formula “O” and a regular feed of ozone creates a safe residual level of hydrogen peroxide in the water.  This is accomplished automatically whenever the generator is running.

The High Velocity Oxygen Generator installs onto any type of filter without special tools. Using the existing pool pump, water is circulated through the generator which automatically adds dynamic oxygen to the water as it circulates back to the pool.  No other equipment changes are needed.

The Oxygen Pools generator is UL Certified and is registered under the EPA Section 7 FIFRA Act

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools generator
salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools generator

The High Velocity Oxygen Generator, in combination with Formula”O”, create a safe level of hydrogen peroxide in the pool.  This hydrogen peroxide does not create harmful byproducts in the water and is a safer and more effective oxidizer than chlorine.  In fact, our bodies use peroxide every day!

Biologically, hydrogen peroxide is produced inside human cells as a first line of defense against pathogens so it is not a foreign substance to humans in the ways that chlorine is.  A proper level of hydrogen peroxide is the most compatible oxidizer for the human body as an alternative to chlorine in pools.

Formula “O” contains activated oxygen, blended with other natural compounds that shock the water and keep it fresh and clear. Formula “O” simplifies your water treatment program by replacing the need to add multiple chemicals every week.  Because the Formula contains no chlorine,  you can swim in minutes after dosing!

You’ll see the difference immediately in water quality and clarity.  There’s nothing that looks and feels like an Oxygen Pool!

Pool Gallons Scoops Per Week
5,000 1  Scoop
10,000 2 Scoops
15,000 3 Scoops
20,000 4 Scoops
salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o
salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o

The Oxygen Pools 4 way test strips are the easiest way to measure your pool water for safety. The test strips measure levels of Peroxide, Total Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness.  Just dip and compare colors on the vial.

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love the Oxygen Pools Water Treatment Program, that we want you to use it for 60 days and, if you’re not thrilled with the quality of your water, Oxygen Pools will pay for your conversion back to what you used before. We love working together with our customers to make sure you’re satisfied.


The Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator carries a strong Three Year Limited Product Warranty in addition to our
Satisfaction Guarantee.

Oxygen Pool vs. Chlorine?

Monthly Average Cost Comparison*

Although most pool owners are willing to pay more for a non-chlorine pool, Oxygen Pools are very affordable and generally cost about the same as a chlorine pool every month.  One pail of Formula “O” does the work of multiple water treatment products.

*Costs estimated per manufacturer’s instructions. Results may vary based on bather loads, weather conditions, pool equipment and diligence of pool caretaker.

How difficult is it to switch to an Oxygen Pool?

Really Simple and Easy

If you’re using chlorine now or if you have a salt pool, there is no conversion process. No need to neutralize the pool from what you’ve been using or wait for days to swim. Just start using the oxygen based program and you’ll be swimming in an Oxygen Pool within days.

Try it!.

The most amazing water ever.

Try it!.

The most amazing water ever.

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