For a safe, natural, salt water pool alternative, here’s what Oxygen Pool users are saying about their Oxygen Pools.

“Have a 17×33 Grecian pool, 17,000 gallons. Bought the dual oxygen generator system. Going on year 2 and pool water is crystal clear. I can open my eyes underwater with no issue. Love not smelling like chlorine and none of us experience super dry skin.  Very low maintenance. Only variables are clean filters. Very easy to take down for the winter, easy to mount back up in the Spring. So far, it’s been worth the investment.”

Chris & Ruby, 17,000 gallon pool, New Jersey

“Just want to thank you for a great pool year! We have lived in our home for 7 years and this is the first year I’ve been able to really enjoy our pool.  So many positive things came from this oxygen pool. I suffer with Psoriasis my daughter with Eczema neither one of us had an issues this year, we actually had relief from the pool and made our skin feel wonderful. So again thank you for helping us enjoy our pool we love so much!  Sad to close it this weekend but look forward to another great year next year!!!”

Allison Illes, 15,000 gallon pool, New Jersey

“I’m recommending Oxygen Pools to all my patients.  You have my vote!””

Stacy Wilson, 15,000 gallon pool, Maryland

“It gets hot here in Dallas and my Oxygen Pool was perfect all season long.  Simple, easy and such beautiful water!”

Richard Holt, 20,000 gallon pool, Dallas, Texas

“I’ve never seen the water look so beautiful, even in the hottest weather.”

Scott Felsen, 20,000 gallon pool, Atlanta, GA

“We are so happy with this system.  Everyone that swims in the pool comments on how clear and soft it is compared to a typical chlorine pool.”

Ron Barck, 16,000 gallon pool, Michigan

“It’s been crystal clear all year!  I saved hundreds in chemicals this year so if you have a pool, GET THIS SYSTEM!!!!”

Mike Yarbrough, 18,000 gallon pool, Ohio

What I love most about our Oxygen Pool is that my skin and hair never get dried out and bleached like chlorine.  We use our pool a lot, especially in the summer, and I always had to shower when I got out, just to get rid of the smell on my skin and hair.  Plus, we had to wait at least a day after the pool was shocked with chlorine before we could even use it.

Now, I don’t smell any chlorine when I’m in the water.  We can swim right away after the pool is shocked, and when I get out, my skin and hair are clean and soft.  Then I just change into my clothes.  It’s really great!

Stacy Hunter, 14,000 gallon pool, Jupiter, Florida

“Thank you for creating such a great product. Very low maintenance and very easy to maintain. This system has saved me so much time and has been wonderful for my family.”

Jerry Klingenberg, Jr. 15,000 gallon pool, Pennsylvania

“Crystal clear Water!  I love it!!”

Julia De Long, 13,500 gallon pool, Connecticut

“Our water looks like glass!”

Dawn Dechirico, 10,000 gallon pool, Pennsylvania

“I thought there weren’t any good choices about how to keep our pool water clean and safe. I didn’t want my children swimming in heavy chemicals. When I learned about Oxygen Based Water Treatment, it made perfect sense. Our water looks like glass even after we’ve had a party!”

12 by 24 foot oval pool, Yardley PA

“I would recommend it to anyone who has a pool. Nothing but beautiful sparkling clean water with little or no maintenance…just a few scoops of Formula “O” a week and best of all no smell or harsh feeling chemicals to irritate our skin. truly AMAZING!”

Alice Gardillo, 18,000 Galllon Pool, New Jersey