For a safe, natural, salt water pool alternative, here’s what Oxygen Pool users are saying about their Oxygen Pools.

“Just want to thank you for a great pool year! We have lived in our home for 7 years and this is the first year I’ve been able to really enjoy our pool.  So many positive things came from this oxygen pool. I suffer with Psoriasis my daughter with Eczema neither one of us had an issues this year, we actually had relief from the pool and made our skin feel wonderful. So again thank you for helping us enjoy our pool we love so much!  Sad to close it this weekend but look forward to another great year next year!!!”

Allison Illes, 15,000 gallon pool, New Jersey

Stacy Wilson - Oxygen Pools Review

“I’m recommending Oxygen Pools to all my patients.  You have my vote!””

Stacy Wilson, 15,000 gallon pool, Maryland

“It gets hot here in Dallas and my Oxygen Pool was perfect all season long.  Simple, easy and such beautiful water!”

Richard Holt, 20,000 gallon pool, Dallas, Texas