If your dealer is not an Oxygen Pools Authorized Dealer, they are not trained in how an Oxygen Pool works.  So naturally, their reaction will be that only chlorine works because that’s all they’ve known.  Although the technologies used in our system have been used for decades in drinking water and wastewater treatment, it has been Oxygen Pools that has made oxygen based water treatment affordable for residential swimming pools for the first time!

Not every dealer is qualified to be an Oxygen dealer.  We seek forward thinking retail partners who value innovation.  A chlorine based dealer will sell chlorine based chemicals only and that’s fine.  But if you wish to swim in an Oxygen Pool, chances are that it won’t be promoted in a chlorine store.  So don’t be discouraged if you are lectured a bit by a chlorine based dealer who needs to sell what he has always sold.

We are a second generation family owned business with more than 80 years combined experience in manufacturing pool equipment and we have long term relationships with most major pool retailers in the United States.  A new Oxygen Pools dealer joins our family of professionals on an average of one every two weeks.   We train every store staff in the chemistry and the operation of our system using personal seminars and online testing.

Most Oxygen Pool dealers are given an exclusive marketing area of their own so they can effectively market and service Oxygen Pools.  So you may be talking to a dealer who cannot purchase Oxygen technology because we have already selected our retail partner for that area.

While we could grow much faster using a more aggressive sales strategy, we have chosen a slower growth model that assures you, as an Oxygen Pools customer, of the kind of experience that is lacking in most retail transactions today.  Oxygen Pools dealers are the kind of people that we want to do business with and you will too.

If there is not an Oxygen Pool dealer in your area yet, don’t despair!  You can purchase genuine Oxygen Pool products on this site at competitive prices and with honest advice.  We do not sell to other internet resellers because our experience has not been good with them.  They tend to oversell and then underservice our products and our reputation is too important to allow that to happen.

Whatever choice you make for your pool, we want you to have a full understanding of the best methods for pool water treatment and hope you’ll be comfortable with your decision.  It’s why we offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and it’s also why Oxygen Pools has become the choice of thousands of enthusiastic pool owners throughout the USA.

Thank you for your consideration.

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