After eliminating the technologies that did not meet nominal requirements, we developed an alternative that does, in fact, allow any pool owner to use an oxygen based technology at a reasonable price.  If you’re like most pool owners, you want to make sure your water is safe and fresh but don’t want to pay a huge premium for the privilege.  So our mission has always been to provide cost effective water treatment products for residential pools.  

The higher cost of alternatives has historically been the primary reason for the continued use of chlorine in pools .  But the expense of an Oxygen Pools program are comparable to any other available treatment program, including chlorine.  Most pool owners, when calculating their annual costs of chemicals, think of the cost of chlorine only.  But there are many additional chemicals such as clarifiers, algaecides, stabilizers, stain preventers and balancers that are the hidden costs of a chlorine pool.  


It’s when a pool suddenly turns green or cloudy that most money is spent trying to regain control of the water.  Oxygen Pool products provide simple, affordable pool water that doesn’t “get away” from our customers and minimizes those emergency costs by automatically adding residual oxidizer to the water continuously.

What Is An Oxygen Pool?

Oxygen Pools use a patented high velocity ozone injection (O3 Oxygen) to provide multiple layers of oxidation in the water.   Saturated ozone, hydrogen peroxide, dissolved oxygen  and hydroxyl radicals are all created as oxidizers in the water and will oxidize much faster than chlorine (many times faster) and create a measurable residual of oxidizer in the water.

oxygen pools chlorine free pool water treatment system

 The most important aspect of an Oxygen-based system is that are no toxins  created in the process of treating the water.  The by-products of the Oxygen Pools program are oxygen and water.   

In an Oxygen Pool, the filter is run for twelve hours daily, during daylight hours.  When water temperatures exceed 85 degrees, it’s suggested that the run time be increased up to 16 hours.  That allows the generator to feed ozone (O3 oxygen) into the water long enough at high velocity to oxidize contaminants and form a residual of peroxide in the pool water.  FORMULA “O”