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At Oxygen Pools, we have families just like you and our first concern has always been to make pool water clean, clear and affordable .  After learning about Oxygen Pool products, we hope you’ll join our family of thousands of poolowners who are swimming in the most amazing water you’ve ever seen!

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A residual level of oxidizer in pool water along with a regular shock treatment are necessary for effective water treatment.   Here’s how Oxygen Pools products work to fulfill those requirements:

1.) Continuous oxidation with Ozone:  First, the patented,  high velocity Dynamic Oxygen Generator automatically oxidizes contaminants in the water stream and creates dissolved oxygen in the water.

2.)  Peroxide Residual:  A safe level of hydrogen peroxide is maintained in the water with a regular dose of our Pure Perox brand of hydrogen peroxide.  The residual level of peroxide is easily measured using Oxygen test strips.

3.) Formula “O” Blended Shock Treatment:  This proprietary blend contains no chlorine and plays an important part in maintaining healthy water.  Formula “O” simplifies your water treatment program so you won’t need to add multiple chemicals to prevent green or cloudy water.

EPA registered Formula “O” contains four different additives that simplify your weekly maintenance:  Activated oxygen powder (non chlorine oxidizer) quickly oxidizes contaminants in the water;  A natural algaecide controls the growth of algae;  A food grade clarifier prevents cloudy water: and a food grade stain/scale preventative protects against staining and scaling.  Because the Formula contains no chlorine,  you can swim in minutes after dosing.

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o
Pool Gallons8 oz Scoops Per Week
5,0001  Scoop
10,0002 Scoops
15,0003 Scoops
20,0004 Scoops


Most people have a natural aversion to the smell and harshness of chlorine, but a safe level of hydrogen peroxide is very compatible with the human body when used in pools.

In fact, our bodies create peroxide every day!  Biologically, hydrogen peroxide is produced inside human cells as a first line of defense against pathogens so it is not a foreign substance to humans in the ways that chlorine is.  The difference is immediate and noticeable.

Most swimmers immediately notice the silky feel of the water and the absence of eye, skin and respiratory irritation.

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools generator

Oxygen Pool vs. Chlorine

Cost Comparison

Although most pool owners are willing to pay more for a chlorine free pool, Oxygen Pools are very affordable.  Chlorine prices have now risen to a point where it is now less expensive to treat your pool water with Oxygen products than treating it with chlorine! 

More important,  an Oxygen Pool uses multiple layers of oxidation in the water so it stays uniformly clean and clear, rarely needing to be rescued from sudden problems with water quality.   In typical residential pools, hundreds of dollars are spent trying to “rescue”  water that has already turned cloudy or green.  Continuous, automatic oxidation in an Oxygen Pool mitigates these problems and saves that expense.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love your Oxygen Pool that we want you to use it for 60 days and, if you’re not thrilled with the quality of your water, you can return the generator for a full refund. We love working together with our customers to make sure you’re satisfied.


The Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator carries a strong LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY in addition to our
Satisfaction Guarantee.

How difficult is it to switch to an Oxygen Pool?

Really Simple and Easy

If you’re using chlorine now or if you have a salt pool, there is no conversion process. No need to neutralize the pool from what you’ve been using or wait for days to swim. Just start using the oxygen based program and you’ll be swimming in an Oxygen Pool within days.

Try it!.

The most amazing water ever.

Try it!.

The most amazing water ever.

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