Ultimate Pool Closing Kit


Ultimate Pool Closing Kit

Emulsifies oils and scum in the skimmer, pipes equipment, and waterline. Shocks the water without chlorine, clears water oxidizes organics, and clears green water


Oxygen Pool Closing Kit Instructions

1. With pump running, add the entire 2 pound contents of Triple
Enzyme Complex into the skimmer. Circulate for one hour.

2. Next, add the entire 3 pound contents of 4 in 1 shock by carefully
disbursing over the surface of the pool.
3. Continue to run pump and Oxygen Generator for at least six
hours hours.
4. Winterize plumbing by draining water from pipes and hoses.
5. Drop water level below skimmer and cover pool.
6. Remove Oxygen Generator from manifold by loosening clamps on
both sides of generator and gently rock generator until it releases
from clear hoses.
7. Store generator inside in a warm, dry place.


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